100 Amp Service Upgrades.

-Permit pulled by us.
-Homeline oversized panel.
-Slim space saving breakers.
-3/4" plywood backboard upgrade if needed.
-New water and gas pipe grounding.
-Meter base, conduit and all materials.
-All work to be completed the same day by a Master Electrician of Bannister Electrical Services.
-Insured, WCB, Licensed.

Electrical Repair.
We will make fixing your electrical problem look easy. 


Home Electrical Reno's.
We specialize in all residential renovations and improvements.

-We use LED lighting tastefully.

-Pot lights to accent main lighting.

-Under-cabinet lighting.

-High quality fit and finish.

-We will take the old wiring out and ensure existing circuits work with the new design.

-Accurate quotations. 


-Liability Insured.

-WCB Insured.

-Licensed Master Electrician.

-Pull permits.

-Free quotes.

-Industry standard pricing.

-High quality, no short cuts.

-Personalized, Polite Service.

-All work is warranted for 5 years.

-Currently working on projects in:

    -Commercial property Maintenance.

    -Rental suite construction.

    -100 amp service upgrades

    -Bath Fan installations.

About Bannister Electrical.

Underground Garage Power Installations from $1500.00 plus 5% GST

-50 AMP capacity with a full size 24/48 circuit load center panel located in the garage.

-Tie in of existing garage circuits

-450mm / 18 inch deep trench up to 15 feet long.  $30.00 per foot extra for longer distances between the garage and house. 

-Add $20.00 per foot for total distance of the garage to house for trenches required to be 750mm deep.  A 750mm / 2.5 foot trench depth is required for gas line installation above the electrical in the same trench.

-Power line installation to the house electrical panel including all parts and labour.

-Includes the permit and inspection.

-Hand crafted trenches, made with precise measurements.

Call 780-218-6215 for bookings

Bannister Electrical Services is an electrical contracting company based in Edmonton that has a great reputation for quality work and customer service.  Every customer is greeted by myself, Trevor Bannister, that way I can see things through to the customer's satisfaction and come through on my guarantee. 

Lets not waste our time with inflated quotes.  Prices are competitive,  you will not pay more than the value of the service as quotes are constructed carefully.    We promise to treat you fairly.

Bathroom Fan Installations on sale: $449.00
-Includes all parts and labour.
-Installed professionally by a certified electrician.
-Electronic timer switch optional.

The fan features:
-70 cubic feet per minute.
-Ultra quiet operation.
-Energy star rated.
-Vented outdoors with a high quality insulated duct and weatherproof       vent.
-Will clear the moisture and odours out of your bathroom.
-Will warrantee the entire vent system functionality for 5 years.

Bathroom fan replacements availbable for $260.00 including fan only.


*Install a fan with a built-in light for an additional $80.00.

    -This is for bathrooms that could use extra light, install it near the       shower.